further adaptation

I don’t know if certain parts of my brain have disintegrated or what, but the degree to which the ____ Watch series didn’t make much actual sense didn’t bother me a whole lot. Timur Bekmambetov, the director, also did the terrible-but-weirdly-still-entertaining Wanted adaptation. He’s sort of like a more functional Uwe Boll, in that his adaptations are always bastardized versions of the source material, characters’ emotional decisions don’t make much sense and make me feel like There’s Something I Just Don’t Get About Foreigners, there are moronic extended moments that feel like they fell out of Tommy Wiseau’s nose and into some action bonanza, and it’s all very much a bonanza of action/masculine-depressive-psychosis. But inspite of all that, Bekmambetov still has the basic shot-getting and footage-editing instincts to construct a fairly engaging light show of crazy shit and morose bumfucks walking around Moscow, bumfucking each other with a seemingly endless supply of unspecified but amazing magical powers. The movie isn’t actually as jam packed with eyeball glazing graphics and conceptual leaps as I’ve made it sound, but it employs a lot more of them than most movies can even imagine having. By comparison, it’s probably 100% more imaginative than anything in Harry Potter is.