in memory

Kane Branch Webster was my first internet friend. We met on Christmas day in a Half-Life chatroom, where we had both wound up being that afternoon’s funnymen. We’d independently wound up there, falling in with a group of older guys … Continue reading

The Day of the Triffids

The Day of the Triffids (1951) John Wyndham   You know, if I could reach back into time and slap the pen out of Wyndham’s hand, I don’t think the resulting time paradox would even amount to much. Surely there … Continue reading


Sorry whoever out there that was interested in what I write or make. I’ve been doing some things here and there, but have entirely failed to say anything about it on my dear, dear personal internet web sight. Something about … Continue reading

Coma: Mortuary (2014)

  Coma: Mortuary (2014) NAGA Entertainment For all of the things wrong with this game (the walk speed is ridiculously slow, the flashbacks are silly, a lot of the overt story is dumb, the puzzles are boring and get in … Continue reading

Bocce Revolution (2015)

  Bocce Revolution (2015) Dysotek   Ten Pin Alley. Hotshots Golf. Bocce Revolution. In the long line of accessible sports games that use a power meter to simulate how much force you’re applying to a ball, it’s not a comfortable … Continue reading

new album is out!

Hey, I finished an album. Here it is: Nights by postags

Best Reads of 2014; aka Y2K14 in review

I’M STILL ALIVE and in my living, I bring you this: my “Best Things I Ever Read in 2014” zine, which you can read and/or download here. Relatedly, here’s a link to the seminal art-rap classic Beat Bop. Why didn’t … Continue reading

I Wrote an Essay and You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

I wrote an essay! It’s about Wolfenstein (2014), The Filth, 2001, knees, work; all sorts of shit! You can read it on ZEAL.

Greg’s Attendance to GDC 2013 and Everything That Came Afterward

or I went to a big hoopla a year ago or The Time I Went to GDC 2013 and Thought About the Relationships Between People and Ideas or Greg’s Amazing Journey or Faux Hawx I’m sitting in an airport at … Continue reading

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2: ass2ass.gif

The first moment in the game (beyond the publisher’s, developer’s, graphics card’s, 3rd party software’s and the game itself’s splash screens) is a disclaimer about controversial content, something like WARNING: THIS GAME CONTAINS A MISSION THAT MAY BE CONSIDERED CONTROVERSIAL … Continue reading