Sorry whoever out there that was interested in what I write or make. I’ve been doing some things here and there, but have entirely failed to say anything about it on my dear, dear personal internet web sight. Something about the easy access of something like Tumblr and Twitter, with their of-the-moment frivolity and integrated ecosystems that make it completely unnecessary to leave the sites to ingest content, have elevated the personal web log to something like historical record, or maybe something done for prestige.

What I mean is that at some point I developed a need to make sure that if someone came here looking for that hot Greg content, they would have a very easy time of it because it was all signal and no noise. Only my best work (such as it is), or nothing at all. Ergo why, over the eight years of the blog, I’ve posted a total of 32 times. Maybe I wanted it to be a living resume, one which I never sent out to anyone at any of the major outlets; one which would let me just sit back and collect hearts and minds, like the most passive serial killer in history. I can admit now that this strategy doesn’t work very well, but try telling me that eight years ago.

Not to say you should expect a regime change any time soon. As long as I live, I’ll be running this corner of the internet as I see fit. More just an explanation of what goes on in the mind of someone who has had some form of personal site since 1998, and what the hell their problem is.

But also, maybe it is me secretly saying that I’m going to start posting more frivolously. Wouldn’t that be a dream.