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that time we worked for a clickbait site

Fresh off of the collapse of Testicles, our Grecco-Roman JRPG that we’d overdesigned and didn’t want to do any real work on, my brother and I were in dire need of funds. Real funds for serious business, which at the … Continue reading

The Legend of Sid Meyers’s

Welcome to the offices of Sid Meyers’s as they stand today. On the right, you can see the sales figures for our latest game, Joystick Madness. It is our first flight sim and potentially will go on to be the … Continue reading

originally posted in the depths of a Destructoid news item’s comment section

FRAGMENT FROM AN UNFINISHED PLAY Lit by a dim spotlight, Bill Gates raises his absurdly large revolver and empties all six chambers into the Xbox One. Behind him, 3 giant screens flash black and white, cycling through phrases like: FUCK … Continue reading

Bad Boys: Miami 2 – The Game

This is so perfectly from another era of cross-promotional movie-to-game cashgrab magic. Everything about this is just so totally not right, from the way the morality mechanics seem to work, to the voices, to the one-liners that are both terrible … Continue reading