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woah, check me out!

update: Nightmare Mode went down, so I’ve reposted the essay here. Hey, I wrote an essay about Modern Warfare 2. You can read it here: It is titled: ahem CALL OF DUTY 6: MODERN WARFARE 2: ASS2ASS.GIF It is … Continue reading

GrindQuest 2012: The Faux Grind

Costume Quest (2010) Double Fine Productions Genre: Nostalgia via RPG Played on PC Not much new in gameworld. I’ve been playing Costume Quest and a bunch of Playstation 1 games to pass the time. Dunno if I’ll say much about … Continue reading

GrindQuest 2012

Sims 3 (2009) The Sims Studio Genre: Simulator/Grinder PC I was sitting in a car with Liz Ryerson and Andrew Handsome and they were talking about the death of jRPGs and how them games just don’t got it no more; … Continue reading